Stop Searching For Your Passion – video

One of the reasons people hesitate to start their own business is because they wait their passion will come out of the blue. That is like waiting for the lottery win: there are some chances but the chances are very, very, very thin!

Recently I watched this video on YouTube: Stop Searching For Your Passion.
I really urge you to watch it because I think it will make you do two things:
you will stop waiting for your passion but instead of just waiting you will take action.

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7 Inspirational Quotes About Taking Risks

7 Inspirational Quotes About Taking Risks

It takes a lot of courage when you decide to make something out of your life.
When you decide to start your own business taking risks is part of the deal. Of course, I am not talking here about taking risks mindlessly but going out of your comfort zone and still believing in yourself.

A 9-5 job is usually a sure bet, and if that makes you happy, by no means, keep doing it.
But if you want to break the 9-5 pattern you might face some fear when going into unknown, when trying some new business ideas.
Here are 7 inspirational quotes about taking risks which will help you out when dealing with those delicate moments of taking future into your own hands. Continue reading

Take It Personally

7 Reasons Why To Take It Personally

Whatever I do I take it personally. I don’t give a damn when some people, especially in business, say: “Don’t take it personally.” That just doesn’t resonate with me.
Of course, connecting your work with your feelings have got some drawbacks, like feeling occasionally disappointed but there are also many good outcomes when taking things personally. Let’s look at the good ones… Continue reading

Special Offer

Special Offer For People Interested In Starting Their Own Business

Only until 25th February, there is a special offer for people who are thinking to start their own online business with Six Figure Mentors for FREE!
Yes, that’s right, for free!

As I closed the last year exceptionally well, I decided to pay back the cost of $29.95 for the Application pack to 20 people who want to check out how to start the online business with the Six Figure Mentors. Continue reading

7 Core Principles Of Selling On Amazon

7 Core Principles Of Selling On Amazon

In the last 4 months, I and my partners have been heavily involved in developing a physical product and building our own brand on Amazon. Amazon is a great platform for building your physical products brand because there is just an insane amount of traffic of people looking for any sorts of goods. But in order to succeed there, you must know 7 Core Principles Of Selling On Amazon.

Actually, if you apply just one of the 7 Core Principles Of Selling On Amazon in any business you do, not just Amazon, online or offline, you are on a good way to make your business venture a successful one. Continue reading

Everything Is Possible

A Story Of Everything Is Possible

Can you imagine starting a new online business today, not knowing a single thing about it, being kind of lost and after 12 months exceeding all your expectations, being rewarded with the prize “Most Sales Generated in the Last Quarter of the Year” for your work and telling yourself: “Everything Is Possible”. Please, before you read any further, stop here, and really try to imagine yourself being in that position, 12 months from now.

Just that happened to me 10 days in London. I want to share this story as an inspiration for “Everything Is Possible”.
The point I want to make here with this article is that despite all the struggles you encounter at the present, next 12 months can hold some great changes for you – if you just do one step towards your goals each and every day. Continue reading